Exploring the Other "F" Word


As we embrace the summer season and the half way mark of 2018, it is a good time to explore the other “F” word: FEAR! We even have acronyms to give alternative thinking to the common meaning of FEAR like:

  • False Expectations Appearing Real
  • Face Everything And Rise

Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell us HOW to overcome it. I recently ran across an excerpt from Karen Salmansohn’s book: How to Be Happy Dammit:

"There once was this criminal who had committed a crime. (Because, hey, that’s what criminals do. That’s their job!) Anyway, he was sent to the king for his punishment. The king told him he had a choice of two punishments. He could be hung by a rope or take what’s behind the big, dark, scary, iron door. The criminal quickly decided on the rope.

As the noose was being slipped on him, he turned to the king and asked. “By the way, out of curiosity, what’s behind that door?” The king laughed and said: “You know, it’s funny, I offer everyone the same choice, and nearly everyone picks the rope.” “So,” said the criminal, “Tell me. What’s behind the door? I mean, obviously, I won’t tell anyone,” he said, pointing to the noose around his neck.

The king paused then answered, “Freedom, but it seems most people are so afraid of the unknown that they immediately take the rope."

Behind the unknown, for most of us, is fear. We so often hide within our comfort zone because of it. I love this picture because it describes the Comfort Zone as where 98% of the population lives. However, the other 2% lives…dare I say, thrives, outside of the comfort zone…I always found that it’s where the magic happens!

Now, don’t get me wrong…fear is there for a reason. Earlier in human history, it was to save us from the sabre tooth tiger. Of course now, we don’t contend with those tigers, but we still need fear to keep us safe.

But so often, as Liz Gilbert shares, “we let fear drive our lives versus it just being a passenger”. I often make my ‘fear’ sit in the back seat…with duct tape over its mouth. Don’t laugh…my intention is to make a profound impact in the world and to live my highest self. Fear and her cousin the gremlin, was jumping in saying things like: “that hasn’t been done before” …” what if nobody comes” …” you’re actually going to put your book out there” … you get the idea.

I learned a process a few years back for when you are going through a change.Here are five questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you telling yourself about the change?
  • Is it really true?
  • What do you really want from this change?
  • What first step can you take to gain what you want?

Now the main thing you need in order to answer these questions is honesty or else it won’t work. Trusting yourself and working through these questions will give you clarity, courage and best of all…choices! Email me and let me know what shifts you’ve made! Remember, I am here to help!

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