As leaders, we have the potential capacity to transform organizations into environments that nurture the human spirit while achieving breakthrough results. In our ever changing environments, we are invited to the roles of stewards of the culture, in-house change agents, communication savants and inspirational coaches.  Leaders lead by modeling ways of thinking and encouraging new ways of looking at conditions; however, if the capacity is lacking, how will those who follow obtain this level of awareness and competency?  

This type of leadership calls for Leading from the Inside Out. This is about knowing yourself intimately; having a deep awareness of the skills, talents, and knowledge that shape who you are and most important is knowing what your purpose is, what drives you and gives you passion.

Working together we can maximize your leadership’s team development, guide their shifts through change/transition, stimulate innovation from the inside-out and assist your organization in leveraging this ‘awesomeness’!  

Your greatest ally for:

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Cohesion

  • Strategic Guidance for leaders

  • Transition Management

  • Collaboration Strategies


What is the capacity of your Middle Leaders?

  • Are your Middle Leaders navigating between strategic leadership and front-line management or are they waiting on you for the next move?  

  • Are your middle leaders leveraged to optimize results and move the organization forward or are they buried in the minutia? 

  • Are you still waiting for your Middle Leaders to step up to the role of change agents, feedback 'loopers' and the linchpins of the strategy?

  • Are your Middle Leaders inspired, engaged and influential or are they hesitant, frazzled and uncertain?

  • Do you want to grow your leaders in-house versus looking for outside talent, but aren't sure how?  

The INSPIRED MIDDLE LEADERS INITIATIVE framework prepares these central players to lean into this role. Enabling them to confidently apply their knowledge and experience toward having a profound strategic impact within their organizations.

INSPIRED MIDDLE LEADERS INITIATIVE is a leadership development platform perfectly molded into the middle leadership schedule that moves from theory to practice and gives you amazing return on investment for your business budget. A uniquely integrated approach of in-person, virtual, and cohort community experience creating the ideal framework for middle leader growth and development.  

The FIRST public launch is happening in September, 2019! Ready to find out more?

Strategic Guidance Leadership Sessions

We Partner to:

  • Strategize how to get from where you are to where you want to be

  • Focus on achieving six-month career and leadership goals

  • Lean into and strengthen leadership muscle

  • Overcome personal barriers and situational roadblocks.

  • Use assessments to understand leadership strengths and communication style

  • Create a custom plan: a 'roadmap' to the goals

  • Learning, Doing and BEing

 What to Expect: IMAP Process


  • Identify the current state and envision the desired state and outcomes

  • Co-create a solid coaching foundation, principles of engagement and commitment

  • Our first meeting would be approximately 90 minutes to determine the desired outcome and set the foundation for working together

  • Goal inspired and outcome-driven


  • In our second session, we work together to map out a customized step-by-step plan of milestones necessary to achieve the identified goals.

  • Create a roadmap consisting of purpose, goals, and milestones

  • Follow the roadmap, measure progress and accountabilities


  • In subsequent coaching sessions, we brainstorm ideas, learn proven leadership principles and best practices, and discuss techniques that have been used successfully so we can adjust where needed

  • Prepare for upcoming opportunities that will enable us to course correct

  • Identify gaps and how to fill them

  • Analyze and address challenges and lessons

  • Receive time-proven customized tools, tips and resources


  • At the conclusion of every session, the best ideas become measurable action accountabilities. This is an opportunity to put these new found theories to practice.

  • The client will be supported to build these skills until they become second nature.

  • Celebrate…always!

Our Logistics

  • Meet twice a month for one hour via phone, Skype or in-person

  • Available for email check-ins during the month and occasional phone check-ins as necessary

  • 6-month commitment


The investment for the 6-month leadership Strategic Guidance Relationship is:

  • Managers/Supervisors/Individual Contributor: Monthly payments of $700-$850

  • Directors/AVP/VP: Monthly payments of $850-$1000

  • Senior Level/Owner: Monthly payments of $1000+

The proposal, investments and discounts are honored for thirty days and will reflect a further 10% bonus discount if paid in full for the six-month commitment.  Otherwise, the monthly fee for coaching is billed at the beginning of the coaching month via PayPal.

Getting Started:

Once approval is received, we will begin the coaching process. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to establishing a strategic partnership with you to support your amazing next steps!  Are YOU ready to BE the difference?  I look forward to talking with you!