Serving leaders who make a difference
by BEing the difference!

In my work with leaders, I have the privilege to hold a space for the authentic stories shared in times of challenge, heartfelt joy, passionate curiosity, and well-earned triumph.  The boundaries of our inner power, if tapped, never ceases to amaze me. If you’re visiting here, it means you have a calling around leadership, a desire to collaborate and a determined curiosity to discover what is possible...challenging mediocrity, stale-thinking and complacency!

My intention is for you to find ideas that sparks your passion, pushes you out of your comfort zone and calls to your highest self to lead like you make a difference…because YOU do!

And remember, inspired action motivates…

With much grace,
Leadership Consultant, Collaboration Strategist, Speaker and Author



Leadership, to me, is not defined by a title… it is a role we accept… we step into being a leader… we make a choice to lead! Leaders have the opportunity to leverage organizational capabilities as well as create fertile ground for leveraging talent, ideas and experience. I look forward to partnering with you...



This is prime time to increase the bench strength of our organizations through collaboration. The role of collaboration in today’s relationship- based business environment is critical because you cannot build fruitful relationships without collaboration. Collaboration calls for a sense of Interdependency... a community of people, who all know that they need the other to be successful.



The road of curiosity plays such a critical part in creativity, innovation, leadership and my practice.  Curiosity begins with a mind that is open to possibility. Which invites us to shift from problem-focused thinking to potential thinking and we do this by moving from certainty to inquisitiveness. Learning to ask powerful questions begins this journey…