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We are literally at the ½ way mark of 2018…great time to ignite your breakthrough.  Why…you may ask…we’re heading into the summer season…time to chill out…eat barbeque…have a beer. I offer you to think about it as the ‘genius of the AND’.  No one says you can’t have brats, a beer and enlightenment!  Besides…everyone else will be taking a break and will be scrambling around the end of August trying to recapture momentum.  You…my friend…would already be on the upswing!

There were two workers that were taking their lunch break one day in the lunch room. Harry opened up his lunch bag and he says, “Man, peanut butter and jelly again. 25 years and it’s the same lunch every day, peanut butter and jelly. You’d think one day I could have something different. Ham and cheese would be nice.”

He ranted and ranted about his lunch. His buddy Lori said, “Well, why don’t you tell your partner that you’d like something different? Tell them you’d like something different tomorrow.”

To which Harry replied, “My partner, are you kidding me? They don’t pack my lunch; I pack my own lunch.”

Nervous laughter…right?! Harry is packing his own lunch and expecting something different each time he opens his lunch bag. I remember a dear friend shared his epiphany with me after being really frustrated with his “ground hog day” life: “nothing changes until something changes”.

With everything going on it’s easy to say it’s just too hard and surrender into the victim role…the mindset that things are happening to us versus controlling what we can control…which is ONLY ourselves…our thoughts…our choices…our actions. You get out what you put in! I recommend starting with what is right in the situation…what is working…who are the right people…right now. This will give you the energy to fix whatever is not…to shift. Try it…it will give you a glimmer of hope…and sometimes…that’s all you need to make a change!

Ready to pack something different?  I can help…. check out June’s Leadership Resources!

Much grace, Bernadette

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