December Blogcard: What in your current life provides the seeds of the future you want to create?

Greetings Inspired Leaders!
I hope all is well.  We are finally wrapping up 2016....still time to finish strong...BE the increase our broaden our thinking!   I have a practice of viewing the new year as planting seeds...whether that be relationships, learning, research or's all growth!  It's with the understanding that this all has to be nurtured, watered and weeded in order to have a bountiful harvest. 

The following "seeds" are just the thing to give you the extra nourishment to finish 2016 strong as well as prepare fertile ground for 2017.  Sending you and yours holiday blessings and a prosperous, intentional new year!

Much grace,

Leadership Matters:

How a Culture of Silence Eats Away at Your Company by David Maxfield

Your Guide To Becoming A Superstar Leader by InsideOut Development

How Effective Hiring Can Make You Money by Jodi Wehling

How I Became Obsessed With Personal Development and Why You Should Too by Tim Denning

 5 Professional Development Opportunities Businesses Should Offer by Tom Schulte

 “A-ha” Quote: 

What in your current life provides the seeds of the future you want to create? Plant...nurture...water...repeat...harvest!
— Bernadette Johnson

January Resource Spotlight: 
Save the date and mark your calendars for January 16, 2017!

1 Day LIVE Intensive: Harnessing Your Highest Potential

Back by popular demand AND in time to chart 2017 on purpose and for success!  In order to keep the session intimate, we have 15 spaces available.  Are you prepared to start 2017 strong?  Our goal is to leverage our past, recognize our gifts in the present and then craft our future.  We begin by recognizing we are the main character and the author of our own story…our life. 

 Purpose-driven and results-oriented outcomes:  

  • Assess your ‘true north’ to discover how to stay centered to make a greater impact as a leader
  • Identifying your top 5 talents and how they can best serve you professionally
  • Analyze your driving beliefs and values and how to leverage them for success
  • A solid course correct roadmap for the rest of the year to follow
  • Opportunity to connect, be supported by and support others tapping into their highest potential

Open enrollment is from December 21, 2016 through January 6, 2017.

This is an exclusive offer…if you are ready, find out more here!

 Next session: January 16, 2017!           Individuals: $1497      Group rates available

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