What community leaders have to say about Bernadette Johnson

Bernadette is a true leader who walks the walk and talks the talk. She leads by example and I have found her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Bernadette’s leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to the growth and success of many organizations and teams. Bernadette is #1 when putting together a presentation for a group. She also is a fabulous facilitator who engages the group and gets you thinking way outside of the box. I would highly recommend her for helping anyone or any team that wants to go higher.
— Ellen Kent, Office Supervisor at State of Michigan
Bernadette led our management team through a great deal of challenging material (change and trust to name 2) with an engaging and participatory style that fosters empowerment and really helps us get things moving in our own departments.
— Bill Lantzy, Product Manager/Strategic Innovation Department
Bernadette is an outstanding group facilitator. She truly understands group dynamics and offers a depth and breadth of skills that moves participants to desired results. I have participated in several World Cafe groups that she led. Her engaging presence, high level of knowledge and masterful facilitation are powerful. I turn to her regularly for advice about facilitation. A great resource, indeed!
— Grace Menzel, Leadership Coach and Consultant, Career and Performance Coach
Bernadette has a unique ability to see between the lines and make connections between disparate problems and thoughts quickly, and to work in collaboration to identify solutions that make sense and achieve results.
— Vicky Jarosz, President/Owner BEI Consulting
I’ve worked closely with Bernadette for well over 10 years on many organizational wide projects. Bernadette has also assisted me with group process as we were forming a new team that would have the responsibilities of managing our core system. It was important that we got the right people on the team and that in itself was an important task worth the time we put into it and more. Under her guidance we formed a team of 10 out of a previous team of 22. This group process was very successful. She also coached me on how to continue to build the team through other group processes. I also think very highly of Bernadette’s ability to coach others through difficult job related issues. To do this, one must have earned an enormous amount of trust and I trust her completely. When it comes to coaching and developing others or organization development, I highly recommend her.
— Julia Taylor-Young, Organizational Change, Leadership Development, Communication & Project Management
Bernadette worked diligently and tirelessly with various IS groups to help them develop into strong teams oriented to and aligned with the credit union corporate goals. Her insight, knowledge and education contributed to this successful and happy result increasing productivity and job satisfaction within the groups. Her efforts eased management concerns with these teams. Bernadette was a key resource for me during my time with the credit union and the efforts to improve IS standing with the credit union staff and managers.
— Chuck Wasson, IS Professional
Bernadette helps you find the reality in situations through insightful questions and different perspectives. She is always 100% present and is committed to bringing out the best “you” within you. She is engaging and has a great sense of humor. She creates an awesome growth experience.
— Danielle Brehmer, SVP/Brand, Strategy & Culture
Bernadette improves organizations by identifying internal and external departmental silos so that synergies can be created to optimize cross-functional communications, processes, and procedures. The efficiency gains realized ultimately improves the organization’s bottom line. I, without hesitation, recommend Bernadette as a qualified consultant to assist your organization with its development needs.
— Richard Rosenthal, Financial Services Specialist at NYLIFE Securities
I have had the pleasure of attending Bernadette’s Cafe’s and collaborating with her on its growth. She strikes a delicate balance between warmth and savvy communication leadership. An articulate, engaging presenter, Bernadette’s most notable quality is her ability to gracefully guide diverse individuals through group communication to a desirable solution. A rare combination of spunk, intellect, and approachability, Bernadette is an exceptional presenter and communication leader.
— Tamara Nielson Fusion, Yoga and Wellness Coach | Independent Fundraising