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Event Invitation ONLY: 1 Day MasterClass - How to Leverage Your Highest Potential for Breakthrough!

Special Event Invitation ONLY:


1 Day MasterClass

How to Leverage Your Highest Potential

for Breakthrough!

Monday April 3, 2017

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

LIVE in Lansing, Michigan


(value: $1497)

There is profound value in knowing and understanding who you are and how you intentionally show up in the world…it’s your story.  In this session, we will explore how we currently have a unique opportunity to redefine who we are as professionals by harnessing our highest potential…from the inside out…. beyond the outside packaging. 

Our goal, as leaders, is to leverage our past, recognize our gifts in the present and then craft our future so we can have a greater influence on those who follow us. 

This is perfect if you want to:

  • Change your current tools in order to increase self-awareness in order to define, refine and grow your leadership skills
  • Discover and focus on the secrets your talents offer to further strengthen your leadership muscle.
  • Build confidence to have a more meaningful and mindful professional life.
  • Chart a breakthrough course to show up strong, on purpose and impactful!

 You will have outcomes of:

  • Leveraging your past experiences to accelerate forward

  • Assess your ‘true north’ to discover how to stay centered to make a greater impact as a leader

  • Identifying your top 5 talents and how they can best serve you professionally

  • Analyze your driving beliefs and values and how to leverage them for success

A solid roadmap for the rest of the year:

  • Design a game plan to finish the year strong
  • Develop an insight strategy for 2017
  • Build relationships that connect and support while supporting others tapping into their highest potential

Testimonials from former participants:

“The Harnessing Your Highest Power workshop with Bernadette was invaluable. As a leader, I am always working on improving my skills. This workshop has given me the tools to examine my strengths, my values and how these have been shaped through the experiences of my life. I have never participated in this type of holistic reflection and found the insights to be very beneficial to my leadership development. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is struggling in a leadership role, or looking to refine and grow their leadership skills.” ~Liz B.
 I would recommend Harnessing Your Highest Potential Workshop “because anyone who has a chance to learn and glean from Bernadette, will come out better on the other side.  This session laid the groundwork for me to build upon.  And, upon reflecting, I can see why the night was laid out as it was and how each topic built upon each other.  I walked away with a solid foundation.” ~Stephanie M.


  • StrengthsFinder assessment to identify your top 5 talents
  • Lunch and refreshments to keep you hydrated
  • Relaxed atmosphere that will enhance your thinking
  • Small intimate group that will inform, challenge and encourage new ways of thinking
  • Autographed copy of Waves of Influence and Companion Guide to help you deep dive at home

 Ready to enroll?  Open enrollment is from March 1, 2016 through March 26, 2017.  Once you are registered, send me an email ( answering these questions:

·         Name

·         Email

·         What do you want to accomplish by attending?

·         What will you contribute to the other participants?

·         What is your Super Power?

What is YOUR "one-word" that describes your take on life?

This will help me design the session to help you get the most out of it.  I look forward to your response and to be able to witness your greatness!

Much grace, Bernadette

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