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1st Quarter SOLUTIONS HUDDLE! (Virtual)


As promised in the January newsletter, I had something will give you INSTANT LIFT OFF for 2017!  Many of you have shared with me the pockets of aloneness that is felt in this role of leader.  Feeling that you are on this path by yourself…sometimes needing someone to bounce ideas…test assumptions…to brainstorm…to advise. 

I am so excited to introduce our first 2017 SOLUTIONS HUDDLE! This HUDDLE is a one time, 2 hour facilitated process via video conference for four professionals.  And I am offering a session on a first come, first serve basis on:

February 21     10:00-12:00

The practice of the HUDDLE offers a focused platform in an intimate format that ensures support, confidentiality and solutions.  This proven process creates an intimate space for leaders to lean in and on each other. I personally curate each group and facilitate each session.

Each participant gets a chance to share what they are working on and describe what they need from the group - a helpful process in and of itself.  The group has an opportunity to ask clarifying questions and provide ideas, resources, insights, perspectives and more.  The ground work is in place for rich aha's and eureka moments. And they are fun! It’s like having a personal pop up think tank.

This is perfect for YOU if you want:

·         Gain clarity for the upcoming year

·         Immediate recommendations for implementing a new idea

·         Advice on how to get unstuck

·         Ideas on motivating your team

·         Solutions to leveraging an upcoming opportunity

This is NOT for you if:

·         You’ve got it all figured out

·         You have your strategic plan worked out and your team is running smoothly

·         You are not open-minded

·         You are comfortable with the old ways of doing things

Ready to LIFT OFF?  Your investment is: $125 for one session full of focused ideas, unwavering support and ready-to-use solutions.

February 21     10:00-12:00

If you have any questions, please email me…can’t wait to witness the ideas that will emerge!

Much grace,  Bernadette