How Asking a Different Question Yields a Different Result!

Greetings Inspired Leaders!

In the spirit of forward movement, David Cooperrider’s quote below is so powerful. The questions we ask really do direct our thinking, our choices and our actions.

One of the reasons Intentional Dialogues are a part of my practice is because it creates a space for possibility through questions…through curiosity. Whether café conversations, dialogue circles, appreciative inquiry or open space…the questions begin with “what” or “how”. These two words prompt inquisitiveness and broad thinking. The word “why”, on the other hand, is rarely used because it requires us to look back…to ponder something that has already happened and to venture to guess its path to existence. So our question this month is:

What question should you be asking that will cause you to shift directions?

March's Resource will put you on your right path: How to Leverage Your Highest Potential for Breakthrough!

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Aha Quote:

Getting in the SOLUTIONS Zone!

Greetings Inspired Leaders!

 I hope your year is starting out the way you’ve planned. As challenges start to show up, if you’re like me, you get frustrated because they are not part of your plan. Of course, being a recovering perfectionist…I had to teach myself to ‘push pause’. This can only happen if I trust my SELF and not allow that pesky 'perfectionist gremlin' take me down the proverbial rabbit hole. I've learned to not hold so tightly on the view change with dance with adversity and to keep my sense of wonder.

I then realized it’s ALL a part of the journey if I want to have a greater impact in the world…that these challenges don't exist to frustrate me...quite the contrary...they exist to help me to grow and to think more deeply and broadly.  February’s ‘aha quote’ is a great reminder that it begins and ends with us.   Ready to shift into your SOLUTIONS Zone?


Much grace, Bernadette

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Aha Quote:

You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution.
— Jim Rohn